Jalapati is a submarine communication cable network, linking Muncar (Java) and Candikusuma (Bali), with a total distance of 45.7 km, consisting of a dry plant network at Muncar for 5.1 km, a network of wet plants or submarines for 24.9 km, and a dry plant network on Candikusuma to Negara for 15.7 km.


Jalapati has a capacity of 48 fiber cores with G.652.D Fiber from Corning® (USA). Jalapati is available for service with a business model of dark fiber lease and IRU (indefeasible rights of use).



With the increasing need for broadband throughout Indonesia that were triggered by COVID-19, digitalization, and 4G network in major cities, the need for a reliable Submarine Communication Cable System or backbone becomes very important to strengthen the nation’s connectivity.


With the Jalapati Submarine Communication Cable System, CCSI has the following mission:

To provide high-quality submarine cable connections between Java and Bali with a superb SLA for our customers.


• Newly built and deployed in 2020
• 100% Double Armor Cable
• RTP-pipe protection at the shore ends to avoid cable cuts due to fishing and anchoring activities
• G.652.D Fiber from Corning®, USA (SMF-28e+® LL)
• Low attenuation (low loss) (< 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm & < 0.20 dB/km at 1550nm)
• UQJ certified cables that have passed strict FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
• Cable laying is carried out by an experienced team using advanced technology, in accordance to HSE installation standard for Oil & Gas industry


Among the available links, CCSI’s Jalapati is the newest, whereby optical fiber and optical fiber cable technology has improved significantly, in terms of speed or attenuation and reliability.


While other Java – Bali submarine cable systems are already quite old (age range from 10 – 18 years), CCSI’s Jalapati was newly built in 2020 and was just launched to the market in Q1 2023 after getting all the required government permits and licenses.


CCSI’s Jalapati (Java – Bali) Submarine Communication Cable System (Backbone) is the best solution to be used by operators as a part of the main link in their network infrastructure or as a back up link.


Emergency need for having a redundant link:

Even though the submarine cable link is relatively short for the entire Java-Bali connectivity, it constitutes a single point of failure. Besides complementing the existing submarine cable links which are already old for some operators, the increasing difficulty of getting permit to install or repair cable causes the critical necessity to have a redundant link, even more than one redundancy if possible, to maintain the network SLA.

Java – Bali Communication Cable Systems in the Market:
• CCSI (Muncar – Candi Kusuma) – year 2020 : length 25km
• TM (Muncar – Candi Kusuma) – year 2013
• TL (Benculuk – Jimbaran) – year 2010
• IS (Benculuk – Jimbaran) – year 2009
• XA (Puger– Jimbaran) – year 2005

Standard Life Time of Submarine Cable System is 15 years



Extra Protection Against Cable Cuts Due to Fishing Activities

RTP Pipe was used to protect the submarine communication cable network at shore end to reduce the risk of cable cuts due to fishing activities, which is one of the most common causes of cable cuts.

Robust and Long Life Design:

• 20 years lifespan above ground and 50 years in buried installation
• High degree of reliability
• Inspection and maintenance free


No Corrosion:
• Made from specially formulated High Density Polythylene which is a thermoplastic polymer in nature that exhibits excellent chemical resistance. FASTPipe® is not subjected to corrosion issues and offers a high degree of resistance to erosion and is scale free. There is no need for any cathodic protection and/or addition of inhibitor.


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