CCSI Distinguished and only submarine fiber optic cable manufacturer in Asean Region was established in 1996. Being supported by Corning International in both fiber and technical know how license, CCSI has been recognized as the best fiber optic in Indonesia in term of cable and quality.

The factory with its annual capacity of 300,000 fiber Km is located at Krakatau Industrial Estate in Cilegon, Banten. PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia having its Sales & Marketing Office at South jakarta, which offers a tip-to-tip optical cable and its accessori es.

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia a leader in optical fiber cable manufacturer in Indonesia, is fully capable to produce any outdoor design optical fiber cables with a h igh quality. Each cable is designed for a different purpose of applications and conditions. The fibers are guarantee to be stress free and no strain effects during production, stora ge, installation and as long as it is operated following standard conditions agreed by cus tomers which will assure a long cable lifetime and an optimum data-carrying capacities.

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia has been preferred as main supplier in telec ommunication industries, oil & gas industries, power utility, railway transport authority, and private enterprises.

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia produces all types of loose tube fiber optic cable, such as :

  • OPGW
  • ADSS
  • Aerial Fi-8
  • FTTH
  • Duct
  • Direct buried
  • Submarine

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia by 2007, has renewed its Quality Management Systems and achieved ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Sytems Certificate.

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia commits to supply best quality and satisfaction of its products and services to the customer.

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