When your fiber optic network has been disconnect or out due to the weather or some other unforeseen accident, CCSI  will come out ,analyze and fix it so that you don’t lose your connection for very long. In the event that you don’t have fiber optic cables installed yet, we can also do fiber optics installations to get your connection up and running.

Beside providing fiber optics repair in Indonesia, we also specialize in giving contracted routine maintenance testing and delivering cable splicing services. We have about over twenty years worth of fiber optics experience, and our experts are ready and able to handle new challenges. You won’t have to worry about living without an Internet connection for very long when you have CCSI services by your side.

To schedule fiber optics repair services or to inquire about fiber optics installation, call CCSI at 6221-29865963 or email us at


We offer complete fusion splicing services for our customers all over Indonesia. Call us for quotation.


CCSI provide practical understanding and skills required to properly order, install, and maintain fiber optic cable in your network.

We provide current fiber optic technology and OTDR equipment to learn how to connect, splice, test, and show the durability of suitable optical fiber cables in order to increase efficiency, reliability, and on-the-job safety as well as reduce cost and downtime.


We provide testing the quality of your fiber optics cable using our in house testing equipment such as drop test, stress test, kink, water test etc

Testing and Commisioning
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